At COCOHAGEN, in recent years we have produced many delicious tasting experiences for Denmark's business community. For juice chains, suits and shoe size 37-45. But at COCOHAGEN we all have children - and we have long wanted to produce something special for them.

It is the children we want to spoil. It is their taste buds that must be developed to choose quality and ecology over the mass-produced and conventional. They must know the taste of the best. And children will always choose what tastes best. That is why we are now launching COCOHAGEN Snacks.

COCOHAGEN Lunch pack bites are 100% organic, 100% plant-based, 100% transparent - filled with clean ingredients. Completely without additives, added sugar, lactose, gluten and palm oil. All unique values, which the children are quite indifferent to - here the most important value is that COCOHAGEN Lunch Pack Bites taste better. Tastes best.

The plant-based truffles for the little ones are available in the variants "STRAWBERRY", "COCOA" and "APPLE" - they each weigh 10 grams and are wrapped in a reusable foil. 'Bird' is on the front page and it's ready for the day and the world with backwards cap and backpack.

We ourselves send our children to kindergartens and schools with COCOHAGEN Lunch Pack Bits. Do you want to have a go?

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