New collaboration: COCOHAGEN x A. Vogel

COCOHAGEN and A. Vogel have joined forces and started a super meaningful collaboration. In practice, this means that you – if you have a health food store – can now enrich your store with organic, vegan and luxurious cocoa truffles from COCOHAGEN when you order through A. Vogel.

The cocoa truffles are called "Bliss Bites", and with their natural sweetness and velvety sensory properties, they are pure indulgence for healthy people with a sweet tooth.
Bliss Bites are the obvious extra, which is offered on the counter as the tastiest mix-it-yourself product, your customers are guaranteed to come back and ask for it :-)

The different varieties tempt in beautiful, colorful and 100% recyclable foil - individually wrapped and thus perfect to top off the shopping basket with. 1-2-3 pieces of uncompromising confectionery.

All products from COCOHAGEN are gluten- and lactose-free, without added sugar and additives. 100% organic, vegan and transparent - directly from the small factory in Humlebæk.

And now you can easily order them through A. Vogel, as you order all your other products for your health food store. Bon appetite!

Cocohagen's Bliss Bites can now be purchased via A. Vogel

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