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Triple is, as the name suggests, 3 x cocoa – cocoa, cocoa and cocoa again 🍫

Cocohagen Triple a 100% pure, plant-based triple cocoa truffle with three different types of cocoa; cocoa mass, powder and butter, for healthy foodies with sweet teeth. The taste is intense from cocoa and the texture is like a soft, delicious brownie, with a slightly salty undertone. Together with Cocohagen Orange and Cocohagen Mint, Cocohagen Triple makes up the nut-free half of our range.

Like the rest of our range, Cocohagen Triple is produced in Humlebæk, using only natural ingredients, without the use of added sugar, without additives and without preservatives. It is both gluten and lactose free. 100% organic and plant-based.

Practical details

  • Contains: Dates*, cocoa powder*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, cocoa nibs*, apricot kernel oil* and Pink Himalayan salt. *=Organic. Can contain traces of nuts.
  • Choose between 20 grams or 10 grams in the dropdown menu.

  • We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 4 months.

  • Cocohagen Triple is packed in 100% recyclable, non-metallised foil, produced in Denmark (Horsens), which is sorted as waste as soft plastic (PE-PP). We pack in FSC-certified corrugated cardboard, printed with water colors, produced in Denmark (Grenaa). The tape around our shipments is a bio-based paper tape, produced in Sweden. We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 4 months.

  • Item number
    10 grams: 1128
    20 grams: 1129

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        Freight rates
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        If you are in our area, you can also always choose to have your package delivered free of charge in our store at Humlebæk Strandvej 71 ☺️

        COCOHAGEN IS...

        ... Geographically located in Humlebæk, where we both produce, develop and ship our plant-based cocoa truffles.

        We are revolutionizing snacking, because cravings for everything that tastes good can SOUND be compatible with a healthy life. We do this by, constantly and focused, working towards the goal of improving taste and sensory by actively choosing quality and sustainability. We have the courage to lead the way and a completely indomitable indifference from the norms of others. This results in COCOHAGEN plant-based cocoa truffles – and they are the tastiest in the world. #TASTESELF

        Everything that comes from us is therefore:
        100% ORGANIC
        100% PLANT BASED
        100% TRANSPARENT

        0% ADDED SUGAR
        0% GLUTEN
        0% LACTOSE
        0% ADDITIVES
        0% PALM OIL

        It is PURE LOVE

        At Cocohagen, we try to make every effort on all parameters every day. For our own sake. For the sake of health. For the sake of the environment. For the sake of the future. But above all for the taste !

        Because if there's something we're really good at, it's developing and producing PURE and delicious COCOHAGEN - which is what we call our confectionery - that are not only healthy, but also taste super sweet and sinful. Taste them here

        Our goal from the start was that everything should be 100% organic. Why? Because, we think, that is the right way to eat and the only right way to cultivate the land. At the same time, Cocohagen was simply founded with the desire to create an alternative to conventional sweets. It must be equally crunchy, creamy, soft and deliciously sweet - just produced with 100% natural ingredients.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews
        Super lækkert

        Det er de bedste trøfler

        Manglende ingrediens liste

        Har netop modtaget min ordre på "Triple"...
        (sammen med andre varianter...)
        Produktet smager som altid i særklasse...
        Grunden til min "lave" bedømmelse er at der på INGEN af "Triple'rne" er angivet ingrediens liste eller QR code der giver mulighed for at aflæse detaljerne... synes at I snarest skal foranledige dette således at det ikke giver anledning til anmærkninger...

        Marianne E Nilsson
        Super lækker!

        Den er SÅ god, den herlige chokoladesmag der breder sig i munden og den lækre konsistens når man tygger på den = en himmerigsmundfuld. 🥰

        Sara Bregu
        Den ultimativt bedste variant

        Dette er min klare favorit af alle de lækre trøfler I laver. Intens kakaosmag og lækker konfektagtig konsistens. Ren nydelse!

        Jette Booth Stengard-Knudsen
        Mega lækker

        En mega himmelsk mundfuld for en gluten-, mælke- og hasselnøddeallergiker som mig!
        I love it ♥️


        salt | Coco Hagen

        Pink Himalayan salt

        We use pink Himalayan rock salt. The salt has not been exposed to external influences since the Himalayan mountains were formed in the dawn of time. It's cool.


        Næringsindholdper 100g
        ENERGI KJ/KCAL1366,3/326,8