Thank you for getting back to me. 

My name is Asbjørn Diemer. I am the founder and CEO of Cocohagen. 

Please contact me directly on:


+45 51605548

As a father of three and (back then) a Copenhagen swat police officer I founded Cocohagen. 

From our Danish factory site just north of Copenhagen `Cocohagen´ are being produced, packed and shipped to corporate businesses, hotels and coffeeshop chains.

Cocohagen has unlimited capacity and already supplying the largest Danish coffee and juice chain globally (UK, EU, US)

A `cocohagen´ is an organic plant based truffle! It is developed with the sole intend to be enjoyed at every coffee occasion.
Net weight is 20 gram (regular size) or 10 gram. Flowpacked.

It is free from added sugar, dairy products, gluten, preservatives, additives and palm oil.
Ingredients e.g.: Belgium cocoa powder, almonds, pure vanilla powder, pink himalayan salt. All organic and vegan!

Packaging: 100% recyclable and Danish produced foil. FSC certified and Danish produced cardboard boxes. Package filling is compostable corn. Tape is made of paper and with water based colours.

Cocochagen is able to provide full green house gas inventory from February 2023. 

International shipping: Ambient and with the possibility of direct delivery to the physical venue / coffee shop. Leadtime: Few days.

Co-branding is possible in some occasions.